Broadcast quality Visual Effects (VFX) and digital production services for marketing and visualization.

Owned and operated by Ryan P. Wilson, Authority FX is a boutique VFX and digital production studio located in Kitchener, ON. From 2008 to 2013, Authority FX primarily serviced the entertainment industry providing VFX and graphics services to productions such as “Buying and Selling with The Property Brothers”, “Warehouse 13”, "Justified, “Dinocroc vs Supergator”, and many more. With little room for Canadian made VFX in a shrinking film market, and a rapidly changing television landscape (forced by streaming services like Netflix, and BitTorrent clients like Popcorn Time), Authority FX recognized a opportunity to move away from the fragile entertainment industry, and instead provide flexible VFX and graphics services to small businesses and corporations of all sizes.

Visual media is all about communication. We live in the Twitter age where people are conditioned to digest information in 140 characters or less. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a well crafted video can communicate. Previously, I used VFX to help directors tell stories. Now, I help businesses increase profit through the most effective form of communication - visual media.Ryan P. Wilson, Owner

Currently, Authority FX employs seven years of film and television production experience to produce outstanding digital content. Specializing in theatrical advertising, digital content creation, and 3D visualization, Authority FX has something to offer every business. Authority FX meets or exceeds customer expectations, every time. Most importantly:

Your budget ends up on the screen - where it belongs.
Ryan P. Wilson, Owner

Theatrical Advertising

Theatrical advertising is a highly immersive and effective form of non-invasive marketing. Authority FX applies broadcast/cinema quality VFX to advertising spots shown on the big screen as part of Cineplex Media pre-shows. Movie goers are your potential customers. They are focused, engaged, and ready to be entertained. Advertise in an uninterrupted environment where you have unparalleled attention from potential customers. Target specific demographics by selecting genre categories. Cineplex Media represents 94% of Canada's box office. With over 2 million movie goers per week, and over 100 million annually, what are you waiting for?

Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising

Digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH advertising) is one of the fastest growing ad mediums worldwide. These days it's becoming rare to find a waiting room, or checkout counter that doesn't have a monitor playing a random loop of ads. There's a plethora of companies running DOOH networks, which means there are plenty of places to advertise. However, you still need content - and content is king! Authority FX can sky rocket your brand awareness by featuring a quality digital ad spot at a busy retailer like Tim Hortons - with 2,154 locations and over 400 million consumers per year. Don't stop there, run your spot at Airport concourses, ONroute rest-stops, and Cinema Lobbies.

3D Visualization

Visualization is an important communication tool for any business. From scientific, to educational, to product visualization, the potential uses for high-end, clear and communicative 3D visualization is endless. Authority FX has provided visualization services for the mining industry, the gas industry, flood protection, and more.

With seven years of film and broadcast production experience, Authority FX has the tools, talent, and experience to produce high-end digital content. Our showreel speaks for itself.

Accustom to the tight deadlines of episodic television, Authority FX understands and respects delivery schedules. Rest assured, final renders will be delivered on time.

Ryan and the Authority FX team were great to work with. The project we collaborated on was a very creative concept and they brought in some fantastic ideas. All feedback was taken carefully into consideration and deadlines were met.Chris Vandermarel, Digital Marketing Specialist

  • I first worked with AFX on a SyFy Channel Premier film called "Fire From Below". The VFX element was a voracious, combustible, lithium fire-ball that sought out all liquids in its path, including humans. AFX delivered a tremendous variety of shots on time and for an indie-film budget. I have used AFX several times since then and I know that I can count on quality, as well as cost-effectiveness and timely delivery.
    Andrew Stevens

    Producer (The Boondock Saints, The Whole Nine Yards, 3000 Miles to Graceland)

  • What makes Ryan extraordinary in my opinion, was not just his skill as a VFX talent but even more importantly as a man of integrity, who reflects selfless hard work and a willingness to be a true team member in every sense. If you are looking for someone who is talented, reliable, and a team player.....look no further!
    Paul B. Payne

    Executive Producer (I Heart Shakey, The House That Jack Built)

  • The pros at AFX are creative, professional, and courteous - even on a high-stress project. They make any venture a rewarding creative experience.
    Tony Randel

    Director (Hellbound: Hellraiser II, The Double Born)

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