Encoding videos in ProRes 4444 on Windows/PC

Apple ProRes 4444 is a common video encoding format used for broadcast.  Until recently, Windows/PC users have struggled to encode in ProRes 4444.  Thanks to a program called ffmbc, made by a bunch of smart guys, this codec is not an issue anymore!  We have prepared a video tutorial on how to encode your image sequences or videos in the ProRes 4444 format.

ProRes 4444 video tutorial on YouTube.

In case you don’t have speakers, I’ll provide a succinct description of how to go about encoding in the ProRes 4444 codec.  Firstly, you’ll need to download the files we’ve provided you a mirror for (ffmbc, and AnotherGUI):


This file contains ffmbc and AnotherGUI.  AnotherGUI, in case you’re wondering, is a graphical user interface front-end for ffmbc.  What all this mumbo-jumbo basically means is that it provides a nice interface for you to work with, avoiding the command-based usage of ffmbc altogether.  The program does not require any installation as it is completely portable!

Let’s get started:

1. Extract the folder anywhere: your desktop, the Program Files folder, it doesn’t really matter.

2. Open up AnotherGUI.  The first thing you’ll notice is the pop-up screen asking you to find the executable you want to run it with.  We’ve bundled it in the download, so go to the directory where you extracted and opened AnotherGUI, and double click ffmbc.exe.

3. Now we can see the interface of AnotherGUI.  Under the word “Preset”, click the rectangle (which contains “ffmpeg: 44.1 kHz stereo wav 16bit” by default).  A list of options should appear.

4. Expand both “FCP” and “Images” in order to see the options relevant to this tutorial.  If you’re dealing with videos such as .mov, .avi, etc…, choose the AuthorityFX ProRes 4444 Video encoding preset.  If you’re dealing with image sequences, choose the AuthorityFX ProRes 4444 Image Sequence preset (double click your choice).  I’m going to use an image sequence.

5. You should be back at the original interface now.  Next, click the “Edit” button.  Click the “Add” button next to the Executable list.  Again, navigate to ffmbc.exe and double click it.

Note the flags we’ve pre-set here for you:

“-r” specifies the input framerate (if you don’t want it in 23.976 frames per second, make sure to change it!)

“-i” specifies the input file name (it will auto-fill the input file name and output file name through AnotherGUI)

“-vcodec prores” specifies that you want to encode in ProRes

“-pix_fmt yuv444p10″ specifies that you want to use the ProRes 4444 codec specifically

6. Make sure to select it in the drop down list for “Executable” (if you don’t see it, re-read step 5).

7. If you’re working with videos, go to “Add Source(s)”, otherwise for image sequences, go to “Add an image sequence”.  For videos, just navigate to the folder where your video is and double click it.  For image sequences, do the same and double click the first image of the sequence you wish to encode in ProRes 4444.  I’m doing “Add an image sequence”, but the set up is very similar.

8. At this point, you can change the output filename or output path if you wish.  If you feel satisfied with your options, press Go!

9. You should see a command prompt (black box with text scrolling) as it encodes each frame.

10. Once it’s done, the command prompt should disappear.  Check the output path you specified (default is the same folder the original image sequence/video is in).

11. Enjoy your newly encoded shots!


If you have any questions just leave them in the comments and we’ll get back to you.

Sometimes AnotherGUI may fail to display upon opening. If this is the case for you, use the registry cleaner they’ve included in the directory (called “Clean registry from AnotherGUI.reg”) and it should work again.

Thanks for reading!


7 Responses to Encoding videos in ProRes 4444 on Windows/PC

    • Eric Ulbrich
    • Hey, thanks for a great tutorial. I cannot however get the GUI app to launch on my system. Running a windows 7 64 bit edition system. Anything you can think of that would not allow the app to launch? Ive tried the clean registry as well but no luck :-(

    • Kamal Rahim
    • Hi Eric,

      Please ensure you have the Microsoft .NET 4 runtime installed before running AnotherGUI.

      Best of luck!

    • Rodrigo Lopez
    • I tried using this to encode an image sequence (tried DPX and TIFF) to ProRes4444 but I immediately got an error message – We had 1 jobs with errors. Do you want to reload those jobs?

      Is there a way to find out what the error was exactly? I followed the instructions above. I also checked the Help and noticed that with image sequences they specifically say to not choose the first or last frame. I tried that but got the same error.

      I am running Windows 7 Pro. Thanks

    • T
    • Running smoothly on Windows7 64.
      Superfast and flawless!
      Thank you guys, you are lifesavers!
      Wishing you all the success and happiness!!!

    • Phil Holland
    • Quick question, if I was trying to make a ProRes422 or 444 file out of DPX frames and wanting to attach an audio file (.wav) is there a way to adjust the preset to perform that task?


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